The Mystery of the Time Travelers

Murder Mystery on the Streets of Kennett Square – October 22, 2021 @ 6:30pm

Aristotle Barnes an eccentric engineer and inventor with billions in inherited family money is a recluse who lives on his family estate near Kennett Square. Over the years he made many claims about working on a time machine. Most people dismissed him as a kook. No one has seen him in years.
His long-time assistant Amelia Fitzgibbon has just appeared in Kennett Square after a long absence of her own. She reported to friends that Aristotle Barnes had left a note saying that he was finally ready to test his time machine and she had not seen him since. She assumed that he was somewhere lost in the past. Having made a decision to attempt a search and rescue operation she activated the time machine and travelled back herself.
Not knowing how to pinpoint the exact destination time and place she first found herself in 1913 London. She had not thought about planning for the problem of money. She had nothing but the clothes that she was wearing when she entered the time portal. Having recently read the story of the great pearl heist she realized that she could intercept Joseph Grizzard the gentleman thief that stole the famous pink pearls and pinch them from him to use as currency to fund her current needs. She also remembered that Aristotle in his research often referenced a woman. Journey Christopher from the 1910s in London who had done some early time travel research and that he had somehow acquired her research papers.
Apparently Amelia was able to get the pearls and find Journey Christopher from whom she was able to glean enough information to make a new jump through the time portal to get back to 2021. However her calculations were off and she wound up making several more time jumps before she got back to 2021 and Kennett Square.
Amelia did not realize that she had left the time portals open behind her. Joseph Grizzard Cliff Wayman Abigail Kemp and two London bobbies from 1913 have followed her back to the future.

Help us solve Amelia’s untimely passing

We find ourselves in Kennett Square on the evening of October 22nd and Amelia Fitzgibbons has been found murdered in the Genesis Walkway the victim of a blow to the head.

Jolly fun (and free) for everyone!
October 22, 6:30pm in the Genesis Walkway in Kennett Square. 
101 East State Street Kennett Square, PA 19348
Follow the clues, interview the suspects, and solve a murder on the streets of Kennett Square! There are suspects lurking everywhere — so keep your eyes and ears open for clues.