“The Prince and the Carrot”

Virtual British Panto

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An evil magician, thwarted in love, creates the ‘Dagger of Freedom and Justice’ and lets it be known that the dagger is hidden somewhere in the Kingdom. Despite its romantic name the dagger is a thing of wickedness – only those who are the bravest of the brave and the purest of heart can wield the dagger, but it turns them into eckinomicists – people who think they can tell the future, and who are prone to writing incomprehensible books.  Due to a misunderstanding a wizard has cast a separation spell over the kingdom: those who touch each other turn into frogs. All communication, therefore, is by the magical interweb.  Meanwhile, many search for the dagger to hide it, others search for the dagger  for their own nefarious purposes. Will the Princess ever find her Prince, will the separation spell ever be lifted? What will happen to the Dagger. Watch the “Prince and the Carrot” to find out.

Our annual British Panto is the second longest-running British Pantomime in America! KATS is always ready for a challenge, so this year’s panto is presented virtually, and you can enjoy it as many times as you like it all winter long. You can boo the villain, cheer the heroine and sing along with the songs all from the comfort of your home! Check back here for links to the show. There is no fee to view “The Prince and the Carrot” but donations are welcomed (gratefully encouraged!).