Robert Fungi, drummer of  The Fun Guys, has been murdered!

Saturday, May 22 – Robert Fungi, drummer and founder of The Fun Guys, was found by the St. Anthony’s in the Hills stable having suffered a blow to the head.  It appears to be a murder.  Detectives have rounded up the suspects and are asking for help from the community for the interrogations.

 Put on your detective cap and badge to help us determine who murdered Robert Fungi! Drive through St. Anthony’s in the Hills and question the suspects to figure out who’s alibi’s checks out and who’s motive and opportunity drove them to do it!

May 22, 3:00-6:00pm
St.Anthony’s in the Hills
9112 Gap Newport Pike, Landenberg, PA

The Murderer has been Identified!

On Saturday, May 22, Robert Fungi was found with a fatal blow to the head near the stables of St. Anthony’s in the Hills.

With the help of all our sleuths, it has been determined that Lewis C. Booker committed the heinous crime of striking Robert Fungi.

Thank you to everyone for their participation and exemplary detective skills!